Standardized onboard-diagnostics

Worldwide harmonized OBD consolidates the whole range of OBD specifications for cars and commercial vehicles to create one regulation valid worldwide.

The differences to date were of a regional nature (e.g. OBD and EOBD) and at protocol level (J1939-73 or ISO 15765).

Softing experience in DoIP

Softing has extensive experience in implementing OBD. This is why WWH-OBD was implemented in the DTS Base System making it possible for all tools based on the system to use the standard.

Diagnostic Interfaces
All our EDIC diagnostic interfaces and the VCIs of the HS family feature WWH-OBD
Communication Interfaces
For our CAN interfaces, we implemented WWH-OBD on the PC
Protocol templates for WWH-OBD are provided as a standard part of the package
Customized solutions
Numerous customized implementations of the diagnostic stack in the ECU

External Links

For more information on the standard, please refer to the following sites

Wikipedia: WWH-OBD(DE)


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