ODX ISO 22901-1 – Standard for diagnosis

Standardized exchange of diagnostic data

ODX (Open Diagnostic data eXchange) describes an XML format for exchanging diagnostic data. It contains both diagnostic specifics and flash data for individual ECUs, as well as information on accessing the entire vehicle network.

The data is usually processed on a D-Server in accordance with ISO 22900-3.

Softing experience

Softing has not only actively driven standardization since the beginning, but also implemented the standard from the very beginning. This is why we claim to be the supplier with the greatest experience. Using the ODX description as a basis, we have realized numerous solutions for a whole range of different applications, e.g. editors, creation systems for test environments, checkers etc. In addition, we have immense experience in consulting, and in defining and implementing ODX processes and in the necessary migration scenarios.

ODX Solutions
ODX Data Editor and Checker
Implementation of the standards ODX v2.0.1 and ODX v2.2 (access via ASAM MCD-2D v3.0)
Simple access to ODX data for testing and automation systems with the technologies COM/DCOM, OPC, LabView
Application-oriented development tester for validating ECU functions on the basis of ODX

Further Information

Softing’s Training Program

Middleware for all areas of implementation in vehicle communication

Information Poster - ODX

Free Poster with all important information on ODX (Open Diagnostic data eXchange)

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