Calibration of ECUs for diagnostic applications

A2L files describe measurement and calibration data for ECUs. Originally mostly used for engine ECUs, they are now used for a large number of ECUs and in the entire engineering process.

A2L files are effectively created automatically today in many development tools.

Softing experience

Softing was instrumental in the shaping of the A2L standard from the very beginning and created first implementations of editors and calibration data administration systems. Today, we particularly use A2L to be able to execute diagnostics in the early phases of ECU development. In addition, we also have expertise in the (re)calibration of ECUs in the after-sales service environment where there is only one diagnostic access to ECUs. Das muss auch schöner gehen. Kannst Du mir das näher erklären? STM: where there is only one access tot he ECUs: the diagnostic connector.

Import of A2L files (MEASUREMENT)
A2L Editor Calibration data administration systems

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