Robust data communication for automotive

FlexRay was invented at the beginning of this century to be able to implement an appropriate bus system for security-critical applications. It enables deterministic time responses, is designed to be redundant and is based on predecessor systems (e.g. Time Triggered CAN) that have already implemented sub-functions.

FlexRay is used primarily for distributed functions in the premium vehicle sector.

Softing experience

Softing was the first company with its own VCI for the diagnostics of FlexRay ECUs - dependence on gateway ECUs was thus quickly eased. Today, we provide customized solutions for all kinds of diagnostic protocols on FlexRay - currently, OEMs are still predominantly using their own versions.


Customized implementations of diagnostic protocols with suitable FlexRay hardware (e.g. from samtec).

External Links

For more information on the standard, please refer to the following sites

Wikipedia: FlexRay(DE)

Wikipedia: FlexRay(EN)


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