Softing OTX.runtime – High-performing Runtime Environment

An independent runtime environment for running OTX sequences in compliance with ISO 13209.

Softing OTX.runtime is an ISO 13209 compliant and high-performing runtime environment which also runs complex OTX scripts. It can be integrated in proprietary applications for the automation of test and diagnostic sequences regardless of the operating system.

Areas of Application
  • Test sequences in ECU development
  • Flash sequences in manufacturing
  • EOL tests
  • Setting and verifying diagnostic parameters for open loop test systems
  • Guided sequences for efficient use in the repair shop
  • Diagnostics on embedded devices
  • Process security thanks to standardized format
  • Can be used flexibly over the entire process chain
  • Easy-to-learn API for efficient integration in existing applications
  • Simple handling and exchangeability of OTX sequences
  • Saving of time thanks to reusability of the OTX scripts
  • Suitable for all operating systems regardless of the platform
  • Accessible as a stand alone even with a proprietary application
  • Know-how protection thanks to specific encryption and certificates

OTX - additional intelligence for diagnostics and test tasks

Softing's OTX Runtime runs OTX scripts efficiently and safely. The range encompasses everything from simple test sequences to complex sequences for diagnostic testers and test systems. Tasks from Diagnostics and Testing can be used reliably both within a company and in collaboration with suppliers. The OTX Runtime from Softing is completely ISO 13209 compliant. It thus enables the use of OTX sequences from any authoring system as well as the execution of all extensions in OTX Studio which the standard does not include.

Simple access via OTX RT API and the command line

Softing's OTX Runtime is accessed via an extensive programming interface (API) and enables the direct execution of all OTX extensions - just like all Softing applications. The OTX Runtime API is easy to learn and enables user-friendly access and efficient integration into proprietary applications. Calling functions via the command line also offers even more flexibility when using OTX Runtime in proprietary applications.

Safeguarding expertise - encrypting data

The OTX sequences contain considerable know-how which in many cases should not be able to be read or changed by unauthorized persons. This is why Softing has incorporated encryption. Certificates created specially for every OTX script make it possible for the OTX Runtime to check the integrity of the scripts. OTX Runtime does not allow execution if a check shows any problems with the integrity of the scripts. Furthermore, OTX scripts can be converted into a customized encrypted binary format.

Can be used with all conventional operating systems

Softing's OTX Runtime can be used with various applications independent of the platform. End devices thus include Android or iOS smartphones or tablets. But the sequences can also be used on a PC with Windows or Linux as well as in embedded devices without any changes having to be made.


You want to know all about diagnostic programming, flash programming and ECU communication fast without having to spend lots of time studying relatively “dry” vehicle protocols? Then have a look at Softing´s Training Program.

Technical Data
Standard Compliance (selection)
ISO 22901-1/ASAM MCD-2D (ODX) V2.2.0 and 2.0.1 (Open Diagnostic Data eXchange), ISO 22900-2 (D-PDU API) via CAN, CAN FD, K-line and Ethernet (ISO 13400 DoIP/Tester – Gateway: DoIP-Vehicle/single MVCI), ISO 22900-3/ASAM MCD-3D Version 3.0.0 – application interface, ISO 13209 (OTX) Version 1.0 (Open Test sequence eXchange), ISO 14229 (UDS), ISO 15765, ISO 14230; ISO 15031, SAE J1979 and SAE J2012 (all OBD), ISO 27145 (WWH-OBD), SAE J1939
Supported Operating Systems
Android API Level 14-22 (4.0-4.0.4 ,4.1-4.3.1, 4.4-4.4.4, 5.0-5.1.1) Apple iOS 7.1.2, 8.3, 9.2.1 Linux Kernel versions above 2.6.29, specific Linux distribution on request Windows 7 x86, Windows 10 x86
API Functions
General (core) functions, OTX script checking functions, execution control and debugging functions
Programming Examples
Example C++ applications including user documentation
Order Numbers
Single license for stand-alone OTX runtime environment including API access Allows user applications to access the OTX runtime system through the OTX programming interface (API) or execution of OTX scripts over the command line (Windows and Linux systems only). The product can only be used together with a diagnostic base system (e.g. DTS-Base System, DTS8-BS)
Add-on for signature checking during runtime in the OTX RT runtime environment
API Developer Kit for application development including API documentation and programming examples

Start package for OTX Runtime API developer kit with max. 20 h instruction and application support by telephone/ e-mail/ web conference or in person at Softing in Munich/Haar incl. one-on-one handover and documentation briefing

Maintenance and support package incl. support by telephone and e-mail
Software upgrade for customers without Maintenance and Support package
Supplementary Products and Services
OTX authoring tool and runtime system for complex diagnostic test sequences in accordance with ISO 13209 – refer to the OTX Studio data sheet
Softing single license
Standalone ISO MVCI server incl. API access for user applications
Engineering tester DTS 8 Monaco for testing of diagnostic communication, data and sequences. Comprises the basic scope of functionality with regard to both, editing and high level diagnostic functions. High application security as workspaces/layouts/controls CANNOT be modified/configured/saved. The diagnostic functionality is limited to the controls of the library Communication.


Data Sheet
Softing OTX.runtime

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