OTX ISO 13209 - Open Test sequence eXchange format

Controlling diagnostic sequences

OTX (Open Test sequence eXchange format) describes a sequence language for exchanging diagnostic sequences in the ECU life cycle.

The actual linguistic scope (core) is tailored to the particular diagnostic application with standardized extensions, but is also easy to extend with proprietary solutions for other applications.

Softing experience

Softing actively drove the standard from the beginning and contributed its extensive experience with test sequence languages (e.g. EDIABAS, INPA, TestCASE, DTS). We also accompanied the various evolution stages with implementations that ran concurrently to standardization. Today, our product portfolio includes an OTX Editor and a runtime interpreter. We have also already implemented customized extensions in both the editor and runtime interpreter and compiled first authoring guidelines.

OTX Solutions
All-in-one development environment for diagnostic sequences
Development tester with integrated OTX test environment
OTX runtime environment for integrating in test systems
Consulting on OTX processes and authoring guidelines Implementation of checkers and extensions
Softing’s Training Program

Expertise through Training - Vehicle Diagnostics, ODX,OTX , Softing Diagnostic Tool Set (DTS), User-specific Trainings

Information Poster - ODX

Free Poster with all important information on OTX (Open Test sequence eXchange format)

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