Softing DTS.automation

Particularly easy access to diagnostic communication for manufacturing and test bench applications.

Softing DTS.automation supports standard interfaces widely used in industrial automation.If required, the entire software for automation and diagnostics can be installed on a single PC. Using configurations that have already been created and stored enables very short setup times.

Areas of Application
  • Flash and calibration stations in Manufacturing
  • Diagnostic test benches
  • End-of-line test systems
  • HiL systems
  • Simple interface design enables fast familiarization
  • Variety of ECU variants is easy to manage
  • Different variants can be mapped using configurations and can thus be integrated quickly
  • The use of the DTS Base System ensures wide-ranging implementation
  • Constant interface even in migration of ODX data formats (e.g. from ODX 2.0.1 to 2.2.0)

Mastering Complexity

DTS Automation is part of the Diagnostic Tool Set product family and is based on the DTS Base System. The ASAM MCD-3D application interface permits symbolic access to ECU and vehicle information or functions without the user needing in-depth knowledge of the bus protocols used. Access takes place using the service and data type descriptions as well as the conversion methods, contained in the ODX database. The ODX databases of modern vehicles are highly complex and become even more so during their lifetime due to additional variants, maintenance measures and function extensions.

Simple Access via Standard Interfaces

This is why simplified access to diagnostic functions via standard interfaces widely used in industrial automation is often desired for the realization of test benches in ECU and vehicle manufacture. DTS Automation provides a considerably simplified API which has been reduced in scope to cover these particular cases of application. The communication mechanisms it is based on are transparent for the user. Standard tasks, such as connecting and disconnecting, can thus be managed with considerably fewer and simpler steps than in direct access to the MCD-3D API.

Short Changeover Times

The required diagnostic services are selected and parameterized with the DTS Automation Configurator. Access from the user application can take place either via an API for C and COM, LabVIEW VIs or OPC server. Depending on the configuration, objects or variables which can be combined to form a test sequence in the test bench application are available at the interfaces. These configurations can be saved, resulting in short changeover times because the sequence in the test bench application does not have to be modified.

Technical Data
Based on the DTS Base System
See separate data sheet: Diagnostic Tool Set – System Overview
Use in Manufacturing
Usage of diagnostic interfaces is recommended. All interfaces (with the exception of EDICpci) need to be validated project-specifically for the actual case of operation. ODX data to be used must be validated by Softing, for example with regard to Java Jobs.
OPC Data Access version 1.0 - 3.0,
max. 500 OPC tags
Operating systems
Additionally on request: Windows XP (32-bit, SP 3), Linux and Android
All DTS Base System components (e.g. Database Differ and Analyzer) and the Automation Configurator are available only with standard licensing via USB dongle or hardware interface
PC remote access
Supported if a hardware interface is used for licensing,
on request only if an USB license dongle is used (needs to be indicated if ordering)
Order numbers
DTS 8 Automation provides for manufacturing and test bench applications particularly simple access to diagnostic communication via standard interfaces widely used in industrial automation: C and COM API, LabVIEW VIs and OPC server
The Automation Configurator enables creating of user-specific configurations for DTS 8 Automation. Highly recommended for short changeover times. Mandatory for using OPC.
Start package with max. 40 h instruction and application support by telephone/ e-mail/ web conference or in person at Softing in Haar incl. examples of how to create a sample application for communicating with an user ECU.
Supplementary Products and Services
Micro USB license dongle as an alternative to licensing on a hardware interface
Initial setup for OEM-specific encryption of runtime data (one-off costs per OEM)
Reading and writing OEM-specific encrypted runtime data (requires DTS8S-CRYPT-SETUP one-time)
All-in-one engineering tester DTS 8 Monaco for diagnostic and control functions of vehicle ECUs which comprehensively covers all tasks in the areas of engineering, testing and preparation of manufacturing tests
Powerful authoring system DTS 8 Venice for ODX 2.2 and 2.0.1 for convenient creation, testing, management and maintenance of diagnostic functions of single ECUs or a complete vehicle
OTX Studio is a complete OTX 1.0 workflow solution to create, validate and commission complex diagnostic sequences in accordance with ISO 13209 for ECU and vehicle testers. Further services Resident engineering on site
DTS 8 Automation - Simple access to diagnostic communication for manufacturing and test bench applications

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