HiL simulator - Innovative, modular, scalable

HiL simulator is tailored to current challenges in test rigs.

The various challenges of today's developments, the requirements of fast time to market processes, greater reliability and the increasing complexity of products make an HiL simulator necessary which well exceeds the more simple function testers and fulfills the following requirements:

  • Innovative technical implementation to make the latest technological advances available for applications
  • Efficiency in engineering and maintenance
  • Scalability to keep pace with fast-changing demands and to ensure uncomplicated and needs-oriented duplication

Our possibilities range from adapting an electronic system or ECU (e.g. engine or brake electronics) to an HiL simulator as a component or module test bench through to adapting all ECUs or electronic components integrated in a system (e.g. vehicle) to an integration HiL (integration test bench).


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